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Color Us Inspired

Oct, 19, 2016

Expanding your color palate can be exciting and daunting — all at the same pretty time! How do you walk the fine line between blushing bride and teenager at prom? Have no fear! Nancy Barrus from Avenía Bridal is here! She shared her insight with us on how to add color while still looking like a bride. 

1. Keep the veil and/or the bouquet. No matter what your dress looks like, if you have a veil or a bouquet, no one will mistake you for anything but a bride.

2. Try layering. Adding a layer of colored fabric to your dress is a lovely way to add color. Try a blush pink, peach, taupe, or ivory. For traditional brides wanting to add color, remember to keep the outer layer as a bridal color. For more adventurous brides, experiment with having a brighter, bolder hue on top.

3. Colorful shoes: choose carefully. For colorful shoes, the shade is everything. Pick color tones that will enhance — not detract from — your overall look. And if you want to show off your fabulous footwear, a shorter dress could be your sew-mate. (Editor’s note: In this gallery of pictures, we’re pretty much obsessed with that tea-lenth Illume gown and pink shoes. Like, for realsies.)

4. Accent with colored stones. Pink, amber, ivory or silk-colored stones can help add color while adding some sparkle! Try adding stones in your jewelry, hair, or even on the dress itself.

5. Balance is beauty. Whatever you choose to do with the colors of your dress, make sure it is in balance with the whole look. Do whatever makes you feel like the beautiful bride you are!


* All photos are courtesy Avenia Bridal and feature gowns from their gorgeous Orem boutique. Below is more information on their color prowess.

Gown #1 The Rosie gown by Illume. The bride complemented her ivory gown with the most perfect pop of pink shoes. Photos by Chelsea Fabrizio

Gown #2 A custom Nancy Barrus gown. This bride was pretty in pink! She went all-in and embraced color to its fullest and finest. And how awesome does that pink gown look with that bodacious bouquet? Photos by Stephanie Rogers

Gown #3 The Lotus gown from Hailey Page’s Blush line with a custom build-up from Nancy Barrus. This has a gorgeous champagne/blush color mixed with an ivory overlay. Photos by Ashley Sawtelle

Gown #4 A custom Nancy Barrus gown. This bold bride is such a beauty in her red and gold wedding dress. A true color show-stopper! Photos by Sami Jo Photo.

Gown #5 The Tregan gown by Nancy Barrus. LOVE those pink undertones on that gorgeous skirt. Photos by Lindsey Orton

Gown #6 The Darcy gown by Nancy Barrus. This dress has a gorgeous gold/blush champagne hue with an ivory overlay. Photo by Ali Sumsion

Gown #7 A Moonlight Bridal gown. This is a stunning champagne gown with an ivory overlay. Photo by Brolin Taylor


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