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Aug, 04, 2016

5 Tips From a Photographer Every Bride Should Know

Our dear friend Kristina Curtis, a #UVBVendor and an exceptional photographer, shared some invaluable advice for a busy bride. Check out her tips and then scroll through her stunning photography! 

1. Detail Photography Make sure to schedule in 20 to 30 minutes for your photographer to snap some shots of your wedding venue, decorations and food before the guests arrive. You have spent so much time perfecting your event, it would be a shame not to remember it forever! This is especially important if you are planning your own wedding.

2. Consider an Unplugged Wedding Invite your guests to put away their phones during your event. (We know it’s hard!) This is a special time to celebrate and enjoy with family and friends. Relax and trust the photographer to take beautiful photos for you and your family to enjoy later. Plus, this allows the photographer to take those priceless shots without little screens in the frame.

3. Master your Pinterest Pinterest, magazines and other social media sites are a great place to find ideas for your own stunning shots. Share your board with your photographer, but be picky. Choose photos that you absolutely LOVE. When pinning, remember you’re looking for inspiration. Don’t expect your photos to look exactly like the ones on Pinterest.

4. Practice your Social Kiss Yes, we are giving you an excuse to kiss your fiancé! You want your PDA photos to be breathtaking, so practice in front of a mirror or take a few selfies to perfect your kissing poses.

5. Flirt It UpThe more flirty you and your groom are, the more adorable the photographs will be. So cuddle close and get comfortable. Just be in love!

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