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Aug, 16, 2018

The second we saw this desert inspiration, we knew we had to share it with you. The dusty hues are mesmerizing against the desert backdrop.

The florals by The Potted Pansy are sprawling and stunning. They’re also somehow simultaneously delicate and fierce. (Seriously! How does she do that?)

We love the colors. We love the incredible images by Kristen Kay Photography. We’re obsessed with this Tara Latour gown with its show-stopping color, texture and tones. We love the raw and elegant paper suite by Carli Anna. We are smitten with the ceramics from The Paint Loft. We adore the styling by Ruby Finch Salon and the jewelry by Olive Deer. And we love, love, LOVE the concept.

Speaking of the concept, below is what Mandy from The Potted Pansy sent to us. We teared up at her words and beautiful vision, and we just had to share them with you.

So read on, and then scroll through every last image.


Cracked earth. 

When the earth becomes so dry it begins to fold upon itself and with the stretch of the soil it it finally reaches it’s breaking point. Cracked Earth. 

Old pots that have been used to carry water, now broken and unable to provide the essence of life. Broken.

The harsh cut line through the center of the Tara Latour Gown, bringing our eye up to the face, the essence of life.

The broken pieces from which life grows due to shade and moisture and the sheer strength of the desert plants, striving for life every moment. 

The hand thrown ceramic pieces, taken from elements of the earth and molded into their imperfect form by man. 

Tree pulp used for rough, earthy, imperfect paper on which we communicate our failures, our broken pieces, our struggles, as well as our triumps, our longings, and our winning moments.

Rock forms cut out of the earth and molded with earthen metals to form sacred ring circles to which we commit our lives and souls.

Harsh sunlight drying out the earth and shadows given for growth to happen. Real moments captured in the broken earth where our broken hearts come back to life.

And then the florals that signify the repair, the growth, the life. 

Life. When it seems to be cracked, then broken. And we look around at the bits and pieces that remain. Therein lies the beauty that comes from devastation, from confusion, from struggles that finally release to understanding and life.



Photography Kristen Kay Photography

Florals + Concept The Potted Pansy (a #UVBvendor!)

Gown Tara Latour

Female Model Michel

Male Model Melvin

Hair + Makeup Cory + Shannon at Ruby Finch Salon

Runner Silk & Willow

Ribbon Honey Silks & Co

Ribbon Of The Earth

Ceramics The Paint Loft

Paper Suite Carli Anna

Jewelry Olive Deer

Film The Find Lab



August 17, 2018

Utah Valley Bride

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