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Best of 2018 — Formals

Dec, 28, 2018

May we speak formally? These images doth enchant us.

Casually speaking? They SLAY.

May we present our top 18 images of 2018 — a mix of both real and styled formals. Every image is a dream.


 1. AS SEEN IN Blown Away by Zion // PHOTO Tyler Rye Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS An unforgettable image that graced one of our 2018 covers. The wind was raging, the cape was flying, Tyler Rye was masterful, and The Potted Pansy’s blooms were bold, brave + beautiful through it all. What an image. What a cover. What a moment.

Tyler Rye Photography

2. AS SEEN IN Katelin + Cameron // PHOTO Rebekah Westover Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS This image of real bride Katelin also graced one of our 2018 covers — and we couldn’t love it more. Her pink frock against that pink salt flats sky is like cotton candy for the eyes. Katelin was everything. We adore her – and her impeccable Sundance Resort wedding.

Rebekah Westover Photography

3. AS SEEN IN Midnight City // PHOTO Eden Strader Photography // UVB SAYS Two words for you: jean jacket. This bridal session was effortlessly cool and endlessly chic.

Eden Strader

4. AS SEEN IN Freezing + Fabulous // PHOTO Dan Page Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS Actual chills over this image that is bursting with blizzard beauty.

Daniel Page Photography

5. AS SEEN IN Katie + Rex’s love story from our 2018 print issue // PHOTO Elisha Braithwaite (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS This image takes our breath away every. single. time.

Elisha Braithwaite Photography

6. AS SEEN IN Stunning Sands // PHOTO Alice Shoots People (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS We love formal sessions that pay tribute to one’s heritage, and this incredible session is no exception. The Indian culture is colorful and endlessly stunning, and these images are beyond romantic.

Alice Shoots People

7. AS SEEN IN Barn Wedding Beauty // PHOTO Kristina Curtis Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS You had us at horses. But let’s be real, we adore everything about this barn beauty.

Kristina Curtis Photography

8. AS SEEN IN Autumn Forever // PHOTO Katie Griffith Photography // UVB SAYS It doesn’t get much better than a bride amidst the fabulous fall leaves. And that Blushing Rose Floral bouquet is an absolute stunner.

Katie Griffith Photography

9. AS SEEN ON Utah Valley Bride’s Instagram // PHOTO Tiffany Sangster Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS There’s magic in them there mountains. LOVED this formal session taken at the mystical Seven Magic Mountains landmark.

Tiffany Sangster Photography

10. AS SEEN IN Wildly Beautiful // PHOTO Joce Johnson Photo + Film (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS The mountains! The greenery! The yellow flowers (both in the bouquet and on the mountainside)! The gown! The smize! Everything about this image is a head-turner.

Joce Johnson Photo + Film

11. AS SEEN IN Written in the Stars // PHOTO Blake Hogge Photography // UVB SAYS We’ve got all the star eyes for this image and this feature. Epic. Romantic. Riveting.

Blake Hogge Photography

12. AS SEEN ON Utah Valley Bride’s Instagram // PHOTO Tyler Rye Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS Did you know Tyler Rye is a master of the earth, wind and sky? Because he totally is.

13. AS SEEN IN Cass + Trevor // PHOTO Cassandra Farley Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS This is happiness. Pure happiness. And nothing makes us happier.

Cassandra Farley Photography

14. AS SEEN IN Bridals + Backdrops // PHOTO Madison d’Huart Photography // UVB SAYS There’s something almost regal about this image. We love the light, her styling, that bouquet, and her exquisite expression.

Madison d’Huart Photography

15. AS SEEN IN Summer Gold // PHOTO Beautifully Dunn Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS Golden hour. Golden sky. Golden gown. Golden bouquet. Golden image.

Beautifully Dunn Photography

16. AS SEEN IN Hearts Ablaze // PHOTO Nicole Aston Photo // UVB SAYS Dead Horse Point kills us every time, and this adventrouous and amazing session gets us right in the heart.

Nicole Aston Photography

17. AS SEEN IN Pink Salt // PHOTO Alyssia B Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS That golden light loves Alyssia B Photography, and we love her. Also, can we talk about those pink and red tones? They’re like buttah.

Alyssia B. Photography

18. AS SEEN IN The Bold + The Beautiful // PHOTO As Ever Photography // UVB SAYS Oh, how we love a groom in uniform. We are smitten with this couple and their romantic, meaningful bridals.

As Ever Photography

Utah Valley Bride

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