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At The Ballet

Apr, 17, 2020

Everything was beautiful at the ballet. 

Today’s inspiration is pure elegance — from tip to toe shoe.

The muted tones are an effervescent dream. That bow-dotted chiffon gown from Alta Moda Bridal is lush and lovely. The bouquet by Fleur Gabrielle is bursting with texture and beauty (those singular sprouts of blooms are our favorite). The paper suite by Shasta Bell Calligraphy is so inviting. The ballet shoes are a sweet touch. And every image from Chelsea Captures is fine art with heart.

Come twirl along, won’t you?



Photography Chelsea Captures

Gown Leanne Marshall at Alta Moda Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

Floral Fleur Gabrielle

Studio Natural Light Studio

Calligraphy Shasta Bell Calligraphy

Styling Board Locust Collection

Ring Box Beloved Fine

Model Shanae Pearson


Utah Valley Bride

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