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5 Picture Perfect Pointers

Sep, 08, 2017

Happy Friday, brides!

Looking for some wedding photography tips straight from the pros? Look no further. We asked #UVBvendor Emilie Ann Photography to share her top 5 pieces of advice for brides — from posing to locations to wardrobe. Read her tips, and then scroll through a gallery of her incredible images above. Snap to it, friends! 

1. Pin a rose on your pose. “During a shoot, I like to do a mix of posed and candid photos to truly capture your love and personality,” Emilie says. “My job is to help you pose in ways where you feel comfortable and look amazing! Don’t be afraid to get close, let go, relax and have fun with each other! The magic happens when you forget the outside world (and my camera!) and just focus on the love you share. By the end of the shoot, we’ll have the perfect mix of romantic, candid and timeless photos for you to cherish.”

2. Location, location, location. “We live in the most beautiful place with hundreds of locations to chose from! I like to tell my couples to switch up locations for their sessions so they can have a beautiful variety. So if you are wanting mountain views for your formals, try a city look for engagements. Or if you are wanting rolling meadows for one shoot, try a desert or the Salt Flats for the next one! Choose locations that speak to YOU, and don’t be afraid to do something adventurous!”

3. It’s the little things. “One of my favorite things about photographing weddings are the DETAILS! The invitations, beautiful florals, decor, rings, and so much more! All of the little things you’ve worked so hard to create are some of my favorite things to document. Set aside time at your wedding for your photographer to capture those details before your guests arrive! Those images will beautifully tell the story of your day.”

4. Clothes calls. “The engagement session is your time to show off your style and personality. I suggest choosing two outfits: a more formal outfit, and then a more relaxed outfit you can move freely in. I also tell my brides to match their outfits to the vibe of the location! So if you are in the mountains, try to wear something flowy and free-spirited. Or if you’re in the city, try something classy like a skirt and heels for that NYC vibe.”

5. Wedding day bliss. “Once the planning is done and the details have come together, soak up every precious moment of your wedding. Trust that your photographer will document all the little details and big moments, so you can rest easy and know that everything is taken care of and photographed beautifully.”

September 7, 2017
September 12, 2017

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