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3 Tips For Picking Colors

Jun, 27, 2018
Kristina Curtis Photography // Kneaders Bakery

It’s officially Kneaders week here on Utah Valley Bride! In celebration of our $500 Kneaders wedding catering giveaway (have you entered on our Instagram yet?), we asked our friends at Kneaders to share some of their wedding tips! Below are their top three tips for picking your wedding colors, courtesy of Christy Matthews, Kneaders’ Corporate Retail Manager. 

Color, color, color. If you are planning a wedding, then you’re all too familiar with this stressful concept. In fact, you are probably analyzing color combinations on social media posts, in your sleep and on your dinner salad (“Does that red tomato complement the yellow peppers or would the purple radish look better?”). Why has choosing the perfect color palette taken over your life? Because, even though you may not be marrying an official prince in a castle on national TV, surrounded by a planning staff of 50 and a guest list that includes George Clooney, David Beckham and Princess Kate, you still want your own perfect version of a royal wedding, complete with a noteworthy color scheme. Yes, your colors are THAT important to your wedding experience, which is why we decided to bring in a color expert with top tips to help you create your picture-perfect event. Brides, meet Christy Matthews, Corporate Retail Manager for Kneaders Bakery and Café. Christy, with her sister Amy Peterson and her mother, Colleen Worthington, Co-Founder of Kneaders, are the brains behind the brand’s beautiful, newly launched online shop, On the Shelf. Below are Christy’s top three tips for choosing your wedding colors and how to incorporate them into your table top decor for a beautiful wedding display.


You are unique, your colors should be too! Color is key to creating a beautiful visual arrangement in the retail world. Color can determine one’s feelings, emotions and memories. Create a color scheme that is genuine and authentic to who you are and what you love. While many brides will want to follow the hot color trends of the season (which can easily be found by doing a quick search of Pantone’s color trends for 2018), my advice is to be genuine and authentic to who you are. Color has power, meaning and emotion and can affect mood and environment, which means you will want to choose a color scheme that makes you feel beautiful, strong and special for your wedding event. The vibe of your event will also determine the color palette, so if you’re going for a “party” atmosphere choose bright, vibrant colors. If you are going for a more serene experience, choose muted or monochromatic colors for a more calming, soothing environment and if you are struggling with a color theme, look to nature for inspiration. For example, take note of a beautiful floral arrangement or naturescape to find time honored color combinations that resonate with you.


It’s back to art class basics! It takes three colors to form the foundation of a fantastic color palette. Triadic, analogous, or complementary palettes are the most commonly used color schemes in all forms of visual art. If these words sound like something only Chip and Joanna Gaines would say on Fixer Upper, you are not alone, but they are actually really easy to understand once you have just a little bit of information about how to use them. Here is a simplified version of the color schemes to help you get started on creating incredible color.

The triadic color scheme uses three evenly spaced colors on the color wheel. When you look at each color they make a pyramid shape. This means that the shades will be contrasting but complementary to one another such as; a light orange base with aqua blue accents and hot pink flowers.  (Photo Credit Pinterest; Exclusively Weddings)

The analogous color scheme is derived from choosing like-minded colors that sit next to each other in the primary color wheel. They are harmonious colors that work well together and are calming. An analogous color scheme for your wedding could be; an apple green base, with blue accents and shades of greenery in your florals. (Photo Credit; Arabiaweddings.com)

The complementary color scheme brings together colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. They have contrast, but are still “easy on the eye” when you look at them. Complementary colors are best when paired with a lighter, bright neutral base. A complementary color scheme in your wedding might be; a bright white base, orange place settings with turquoise accents or a creamy white base with variations of yellow and purple accents. (Photo Credit; PrimaDonna Bride Coza)

Working with these three-color schemes can bring a sense of organized but effortless harmony not only to your table-top presentations, but your entire wedding, without overwhelming your guests with too many colors or shades to process.

NOTE: Once you’ve selected your three base colors, incorporate a fourth subtle color (two shades lighter or darker from one of the base colors) to unify and strengthen your color pallet. You’ll love this effect!


Have fun! Remember, planning your wedding colors and reception decor is all about reflecting your unique personality as a couple. Color is meant to accent your life and is an expression of who you are! A fun way to incorporate the inner circle of your bridal party into choosing colors, is to invite them on a trip to the paint store to look at color swatches, so you can pick out the official colors that make your heart happy. Once you have decided on the colors you love, stop somewhere fun, like Kneaders, for a colorful lunch to celebrate. Once you have the colors you love, you can start having fun planning your bridesmaids’ dresses, linens, chair covers, invitations, flowers and everything in between!

NOTE: Utah Valley Bride Magazine and The Knot are great resources full of ideas about how to incorporate the color combinations you love. 

The most important thing to remember in your planning is to have fun with the process of choosing your colors! After all, your big day is all about telling your story and your color should make you feel beYOUtiful!

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