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Bright Colors and Secret Neutrals

Jun, 08, 2024

Kaushay & Co took the event planning industry by storm from the moment it was founded, and has developed a business that thrives on wild colors and even wilder smiles. Anyone who’s ever had the chance to meet with Kaushay knows that she’s the real deal—there really isn’t anyone better for your wedding than someone who is so committed to designing a top to bottom experience!

What began as a one-woman show has grown into a powerful team of eight: four planners including Kaushay, and four high-level assistants. Kaushay has been in the event planning industry for nearly a decade and worked all kinds of events, from backyard weddings to high-end corporate events, before starting her own company in 2022. Now, with her expertise and unmatched eye for beauty, she sets the standard for weddings all over the country. 

The Core Four

Between Kaushay and her amazing team, each wedding receives its planner’s full attention and meticulous care. You will be matched with the planner who fits you and your wedding the best. 

“I call us the ‘core four’ right now because we’re the four who are the planners. But we each have different vibes and responsibilities. It’s super important to me that your wedding is the most personal day of your life, and you should be working with someone whose process works with you, and whose personality works with you.” Someone put Core Four on a T-shirt for them stat! 

Kaushay says that she has a big personality, and her process of planning can reflect that, whereas other members of her team are different in a way that could match the needs of a certain couple. 

“I have other team members who are a little more subdued, or who like a more rustic kind of event. And so we kind of all know where our strengths are, and our focuses. And when we’re looking to pair couples with the planner, I take that into account—you’re not just getting thrown to whoever’s available. I’m like, ‘No, this is the person on our team who really would be the best fit.’” Do any of the Core Four know how to plan a wedding that gets on the cover of a magazine? Asking for a friend… 

Bright, Bold, Beautiful

Kaushay specializes in bold, bright colors and the personal touches that really make your wedding you. She’s always looking for new ways to combine colors to make something unique and beautiful. But even if you’re not a fan of huge color, she can still make your day into a stunning fairytale come to life.

“That’s where I focus a lot of my time and training when it comes to design. But can I do the neutral things and make it look killer? Absolutely. And if that’s what someone wants, their vision, their plan is totally more my priority.”

One look at her portfolio, though, has us daydreaming about a colorful wedding. (P.S.—one of her designs even made the cover of our magazine this year! There’s your answer.)

Kaushay, a bright and colorful person herself, gets inspiration from her own wardrobe. “If you see me out and about, I feel like people are like, ‘I never would have thought those would go together.’ But absolutely

“The palette right now that I’m itching to design with is a really deep, rich teal and a bright, almost like a mustard ochre kind of a yellow. That again, people would be like, ‘seems interesting,’ but I promise you, it looks so good.”

Secret Neutrals

Her favorite color, hands down, is lavender. “Anything with purple, any shade of purple is something that I love.” Her wardrobe is—fittingly—color-coded, and purple is the biggest section. She calls lavender a “secret neutral” because it can go with anything and look good.

“To me, it’s a great way to add variety to a palette. So if anyone comes to me and that’s on their Pinterest board, I’m like, immediately yes.”  We will definitely be adding lavender to our secret neutral color palettes after this. 

Personal—Not Just Personalized

Kaushay’s style when it comes to planning weddings is very hands-on and collaborative. She wants each of her couples to be in on the decision-making process, taking away the hard parts of planning a wedding and leaving the fun parts to you.

“If you are not involved intimately in the process, it loses the sense of personality that I want to make sure all of our weddings have. We’re going to do the heavy lifting, but it’s ultimately your day, and it should reflect that.”

As your wedding planner, her first assignment for you is to sit down and schedule a date night with your fiance in the next month, and the only rule is you’re not allowed to talk about wedding planning. 

“Wedding planning can so quickly become so all-consuming of a relationship, and I don’t want a couple coming to their wedding day feeling like the last six months all they did was plan and they didn’t just have that time together.” Planning is Kaushay’s job—it’s your job to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience together. 

Kaushay’s specialty beyond bold colors is making each wedding unique and sentimental for her couples. “We try to make sure that we’re moving beyond personalized, and actually make it personal, by incorporating what’s important to our couples.” One couple’s first date was at a duck pond—so the duck pond made its way to their reception in the form of a scavenger hunt for kids. “We want it to be beautiful and impactful.” On our way to the duck pond as we speak.

From recommending the best vendors based on what you want, to following up after the big day, or including details that represent your unique love story, Kaushay & Co is guaranteed to make your wedding the celebration it deserves to be. Not only will it be even more beautiful than you imagined, but your whole experience will reflect the beauty of the love you share with each other. 

Wedding Planner: Kaushay & Co.
Photographers: Love Brittny Co, Savannah Richardson Photography, Branson Maxwell, & Ashley Dehart Photography

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