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From Mother to Daughter: Allyse’s Bridal

Jun, 26, 2024

Anyone who’s been around Utah Valley in the last thirty years undoubtedly knows about Allyse’s Bridal. What began as a clothing shop in the 90s has grown into one of the most reliable and well-known bridal stores in the whole state. Originally named after the founder’s daughter Allyse, the store continues to serve generations of women who walk through their doors seeking the dress of their dreams. 

Janelle, the owner and long-time employee of Allyse’s Bridal, has elevated the dress shop in more ways than ever before in the decade since she bought it, bringing modest yet stylish dress options to her brides. In her words, the store is super “homey and low key, which customers really appreciate.” Where better to say yes to the dress than at a place that makes you feel right at home? 

Allyse’s Bridal has specialized in modest wedding dresses for decades, and every option is completely customizable. Any gown can be made contemporary as well—all you have to do is ask!

Seamstress Turned Designer

Janelle originally found her way to Allyse’s in 2002 when she was hired as a seamstress, and she eventually became the alterations manager before buying the business with her husband in 2013. With over twenty years of experience in the industry and half that time as the owner,

Janelle is uniquely qualified to cater to Utah brides and offer them timeless styles and expertise in finding the perfect wedding gown. 

Especially for our modest brides looking for a temple-ready look!

Her expertise in alterations became a cornerstone of the store’s success. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for simplifying complex alterations, Janelle transforms brides’ visions into reality. From neckline adjustments to adding pockets, Allyse’s Bridal ensures that each gown fits like a dream. 

“It’s something I was gifted with, to be able to create the changes that the brides want. Most of our dresses are fairly basic, we have some extravagant skirts and laces and things, but we have the fabrics to make changes.” Janelle herself is the one making all the alterations, how cool is that? Every bride that visits Allyse’s can rest easy knowing that their gown is in great hands—Janelle can tell you exactly what’s possible when it comes to your dream dress. 

One Girl’s Customization is Another Girl’s Dream Dress

The boutique’s design process is a collaborative effort, drawing inspiration from employees and brides alike. One bride can inspire the lace placement, a new type of sleeve, or the buttons on a gown that the whole team loves, which then becomes a new dress offered in the store. Each customization from a bride is a new opportunity for a gorgeous gown for the next. A lot of the gowns they carry are named after the bride that inspired them—catch us trying to get an Allyse’s Bridal gown named after us next. 

Allyse’s Bridal is more than just a bridal store—it’s a cherished part of countless love stories, past, present, and future.

 “I’m getting customers who bought their dress when we were in Orem, and then now their daughters are coming here.” Janelle has brides visit her store whose mother or sister got their gowns from Allyse’s, adding another layer of sentimental value to the experience and acting as a testament to their timeless styles and legacy of connecting with the local community. 

It’s All About How You Feel

Their store is currently located in the heart of Provo’s beautiful Riverwoods. And every gown in the store—whether it’s a bridal gown or formal wear—is completely customizable. If you see a gown you love and want to change the neckline, add flutter sleeves, or create a detachable train made of lace, it can be done, and it has been done before. And they have everything from size zero up to size 28!

Janelle’s advice for brides who are in the process of looking for a dress is to think about how a dress makes you feel. “It’s all about how the dress feels. It’s not what everybody else thinks, it’s how you feel in it, and if you feel pretty and can picture the day of your wedding then that’s what’s most important.” 

She also says not to bring too many people to your appointment—the more opinions there are, the harder it will be to make a decision. “A lot of moms really want to be here so I would recommend trying to come with your mom. Sometimes mother-in-laws want to be here and grandmas, I think having the most important people in your life here with you is probably best. You don’t want anyone to feel left out, but too many opinions don’t help you.”

Chasing Dreams—And Making Dreams Come True

In her time since coming to Allyse’s Bridal over two decades ago, Janelle has loved every second of it. “I just feel like it was all kind of meant to be because I didn’t go to school to do this. I thought I’d be a business secretary or something. And then this opportunity came up and my husband had faith in me that we could do it. It was kind of like a dream that became reality.”

Janelle wants her story at Allyse’s Bridal to inspire others. “Don’t be afraid to dream of something you want to do.” Her passion and love for what she does may or may not have had our eyes watering. 

For brides everywhere, Allyse’s Bridal continues to be one of Utah’s favorite bridal stores. From feeling right at home the moment you walk into their store, to making your dress dreams come true, Janelle and her team do everything to help your experience in saying yes to the dress something that you’ll cherish forever—for mothers and their daughters and everyone in between.

Chiffon dress photos: Photographer : @aubriejophotography Couple: @brooklynlambert___ @jensenlambert Dress: @allyses_bridal

Lace dress photos: Photographer: @baileyfillmorephotos Couple: @sophie.kelsch1 @kadenkelsch Hair: @hairby.brookehepworth Rings: @brilliantearth Flowers: @lingsmoment Grooms suit: @chicgents Dress: @allyses_bridal

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