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Thanksgiving Point’s Wedding Venue Grand Re-Opening

Jun, 28, 2024

What better way to start our summer than going to the grand re-opening of Thanksgiving Point’s Wedding Venues and incredible event spaces? Indoor or outdoor, their remodels are more than just a facelift; each new location was designed with our amazing brides in mind.

It was a pleasure to co-host the re-opening of the event and wedding spaces earlier this month. 

On the event tour, there were six different locations to take a sneak peek at, all complete with gorgeous florals, amazing food, and incredibly striking and diverse examples of how you can customize the decor for your big day. With linens, candles, and flowers in every color, your experience with any of these spaces is sure to be uniquely yours. Personally, we’re a big fan of the pink!

Hidden Falls is anything but low-key. With gorgeously manicured landscaping and a patio perfect for dancing (or walking down the aisle), Thanksgiving Point really showed off with the floral pieces and stunning decor. We felt as if we were transported right into the heart of the Mediterranean countryside, and we’re not mad about it. 

The crowning jewel for this open house was the Loggia. From real floral arches growing right out of the ground to a new sound system, there isn’t a more incredible space to say “I do,” and celebrate with all your favorite people. With a bubbling fountain in the middle and gorgeous stone architecture, it’s giving destination wedding—without having to buy a plane ticket.

The gorgeous drapery of the tent, the romantic lighting, and the incredible outdoor furniture are all just the beginning when it comes to the Loggia. Some of our favorite Utah Valley Brides have had their weddings here in the past, and we can only imagine how much more incredible future weddings will be!

The Garden Room was captivating in a completely different way. The gorgeous wood floors and bright airy colors of the walls and linens emphasized the endless possibilities of what we like to call “sleek and chic.” We loved that Thanksgiving Point used holiday decor to liven up the space—summer isn’t the only time for a wonderful wedding. And it overlooks the most incredible view of Ashton Gardens, hence the name; whether it’s covered in frost or blooming with tulips, thanks to Ashton Gardens the Garden Room is a great place for any celebration or ceremony. 

The Rose Room gets its name from overlooking another one of Thanksgiving Point’s famous gardens. And they continued to show off their skills with florals and color. We were especially excited about the balloons—have you ever seen florals in a balloon arch? The Rose Room is another amazing option for brides and couples everywhere to embrace a space with a gorgeously elegant look. And it’s impossible to look away from the butterfly light fixtures.

The Velvet Room was another one of our favorites; it embraces vintage vibes and a classy take on “antique chic.” With the gorgeous pattern in the wood and the beautiful tin tiles, this event space is literally stunning from floor to ceiling. And the light fixtures really liven up the “old money” look we’re getting from these photos. 

The Amber Room is a fun space right in the heart of the Dinosaur Museum. It overlooks the captivating fossils and paleolithic decor that will no doubt have you double-checking that your drink isn’t quaking from approaching reptilian footsteps. It’s moody in all the right ways, perfect for any corporate event or party you’ve been waiting to book.

These amazing pictures are only a glimpse into the endless possibilities of Thanksgiving Point’s brand-new event spaces.

What are you waiting for? Head over to their website and schedule a tour to see for yourself. And feel free to think of us when you’re reminiscing on pictures of the Hidden Falls or the butterfly chandeliers from your wedding day.

Venue: Thanksgiving Point
Photographer: Brooke Bakken

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