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Tomasso Cardullo

Seize life with impeccable style- Made in Italy, just for you.

Reflecting an unparalleled penchant for meticulous design and remarkable quality, Tomasso Cardullo stands distinguished in the vast sea of tailoring companies. Fostered by a team of passionate individuals who measure, sew, press, deliver, and celebrate the art of beautifully tailored attire, Cardullo prides itself on bringing raw materials to life in the form of distinctive clothing. Each piece resonates with the chicness and nostalgia of Italian style born from Tomasso’s inspiring journeys through the cobblestone streets of Sicily. With deep roots in Umbria, and an ethos grounded in craftsmanship, authenticity, and value, Tomasso Cardullo collaborates with heritage family-owned factories to create both timeless and fashion-forward clothing, uncompromising in construction and sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

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